Data Files

Reptar supports data files. That is, you can create either .json or .yaml files in your defined folder - _data/ by default - and the values that are defined in those files will be accessible in your site.

The data will be accessible in every template on the object, with every key being the path and file name of your data file.

For example, if your data folder is _data/ and you have a file _data/tv/fall.yaml with the contents:

- name: Grimm
  network: NBC

- name: Luke Cage
  network: Netflix

- name: Brooklyn 99
  network: NBC

You'll be able to show that list in a template via:

{% for show in %}
  <p>Watch {{}} on {{}}!</p>
{% endfor %}

Configure data files location

You configure the location of your data files reptar.config.js file.

module.exports = {
  path: {
    data: './_data'